Friday, April 30, 2010

Will Our Dream Come True?

Hurm.. not my intention to write this morning actually. I'm doing the revision for my last paper actually, but after writing for 2 pages, got tired already. (malas sbnrnye).. Just now, I'm asking my housemates about the moving thing. Again, the answer is *not sure*... hurm.. xpelah. like Si Dia have said, ignore je. I just need to be ready, pack everything up and when the time comes, just get out from this house. But, actually there are soooo many things that need to be settled (all the bills, the payment and what so ever).

Got news this morning. Finally, we get our allowances. Hurm.. Is this a good news? Does it mean that me and Si Dia can finally do exactly like we have planned? I'm not really sure and hoping too much on this. There are tooo much things that need to be done. It's ok. will look at the priority. No need to be sad/ worry/ disappointed. We still have lots of time to be together. Maybe next time. At the end of the year maybe.. Going for our honeymoon. yup. so, chill out..

Si Dia still in his bed I guess. He made a promise last nite, to accompany me doing the revision. =). will wait for him to wake up.

will our dream come true? hurm.. just wait and see.

[Dalam Hati]

Holidays + Si Dia = will be the greatest day in my life