Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is afternoon already.. Juz finished my 1st note for my last paper.. x bersemangat tp hv to do it or else i will regret.. yeah. still hv about 4 topics to revise in 3 days.. *sigh* sgt2 malas rsnya. what i'm feeling rite now is just want to be at a place where i can spend the whole time together with Si Dia. do whatever we like. feels like want to go for holidays.. where? not really sure. to the beach maybe. hopefully, after all things [exam, moving thing] hv settled, we could do what we hv always wanted to do. yes, going for a holiday.

Doesn't like about what I'm feeling rite now. . might because of my last paper. hurm.. doesn't matter. what i need to do just revise. in 3 days more, it will be over. Yup, chaiyok!! i can do it. My besfren is going for a holiday in Tganu & klantan go for our fren's wedding. feel a bit disappointed coz couldn't be there with her. Plus, can't bring my besfren to my hometown and meet my family. The wedding falls on the same day for my last paper. nothing that i can do. just wish her congratulations and pray dat everything will be fine.

rsnya Si Dia msh tido lg.. couldn't sleep last nite. not really sure wut time he finally get to sleep. sure coz doesn't hv anything else to do & might be very boring. its ok. let him get da rest. sian awak..mesti penat. it's ok. nnt sy kejut solat zohor.

[Dalam Hati]

Si Dia + lonely = Missing him badly

My besfren + her holidays + our fren's wedding + my exam = envy and disappointed :(


edora leezia said...

kihkihkih....i like it when ppl envy me!sory..cant help it..aku kan kejam..hahaha...neway,now if fri 1:32a.m so kejap lg i'l b going 2 ur hs...pas2 off 2 tganu...yay!!!!xpe2..lnkali aku g umh ko...jgn menangis tp smbungan lgu die xseswai..haha