Monday, May 3, 2010

Officially ended!!

It was a tiring week actually. Lots of things need to be settled. Got phone calls from dad yesterday and being told that need to pack my things because today I need to move my things out. In a rush, I have to settled everything. Really tiresome. Do it all by myself. huhu.. At last, at 7 p.m. on 2nd of Mei, everything got packed up. Just left a few things that need to be used until get back to my hometown.

Today is 3rd of Mei. My paper is at 11.30 this morning. At 9 a.m. I went to the management office to settle the form so that the lorry can enter the apartment. Pay the deposit for 200 ringgit, went to the guard post and give away the form. Get prepared for the exam and Si Dia sent me at 10.45 and by 11 I've already at the exam hall. Feeling a bit nervous and anxious. Pray a lot and just pray. Luckily, what I've read come out in the exam. Thank God. Alhamdulillah..

Akhirnya.. hari, 3 mei 2010 dengan rasminya tamatla karier aku sbg seorang pelajar. Lega rasanya.. Setelah berhempas pulas seminggu yang lepas. Alhamdulillah.. last paper aku rsnya berjalan dengan lancar. thanks to Si Dia sbb byk support aku. slalu bg kata2 semangat and bt aku berfikiran positif. Sekarang hanya perlu berdoa dan bertawakal supaya dapat result yang baik. InsyaALLAH..

Sadly, the person who is supposed to come to pick up my things did not give phone call at all. Tired of waiting, I just gave up. Maybe he will come next time. Its ok. at least I've ready and get prepared. Just waiting for the time to move out.

I'm at his sister's house. Get bored at home. Got nothing to do. Lagipon, Si Dia going out with his housemates. Watching for a movie and go for karaoke maybe. It's Ok. Let him have some fun with his friends before we go back for a long holidays and get posted.

My life as a student has ended. My sister text me, asking my feeling about not being a student anymore. After 6 years of study?? Of course I'm relieved. It's finally over. Yes, I know I will miss my life as a student. But, I think we need to move on. There must be changes in our life. There are many steps that we need to climb and every steps has its own challenges, memories and hardships. It is certain. Whatever challenges or hardships that I will encounter, I will face it with open heart and having Si Dia by my side... I think I can endure everything and will always be happy.. =)

[Dalam Hati]

3rd of Mei = Relieved and happy... FREEDOM