Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's been a while..

Dh lama x post new n3..since holidays started..problems with the broadband, malas nk g just left dis blog without any post since, i'm back. not sure for how long this time. depending on the situation...actually, there are lots of things that i would like to share but don't know where to start.huhu..

emm..start with the new look of this blog la..suka, thanks to Si Dia kerana ssh payah tkr layout..really nice. Si Dia nk masukkn lagu dlm blog ni tp xtau mcm mane. dh mcm2 cara dia buat. tp x mcm yang Si Dia nk..actually, i don't mind. this is more than enough actually. tp Si Dia ckp this blog really meant a lot to him becos this is what we done together. thanks sayang..

now, i'm back to KL for KISSM..hepi coz i can be with him..not hepi coz have to attend the course. tiring.. actually don't have much time to spend with him.

before KISSM ni Si Dia dtg amik kt rumah..spend 2 days at my home. Bwk Si Dia jln2 at my hometown.. on 1st of jun bertolak dr rumah to KL.. like travelling together with him. got the time to spend time together..we reached KL about 3.30 p.m..started to rain. xsampai 1 hour later, KL dh banjir..huhu..kt kampung langsung xhujan dtg cni trs hujan lebat..

3rd of jun dh start is the 3rd day dh..rehat shari je on sunday. really tired..dh 3 days tido awal every night.

smlm went to HKL. ayah Si Dia has been warded. eye operation...hopefully everything will be just fine for abah..Amin..

after course dis evening he went out with his friend..mlm plak jumpa his old friends at UM...
1 more thing, kt kampung skrg busy with the preparation for my cousin's wedding for tomorrow's event..huhu..ruginya can't be sgt2 happening and wonderful..

emm..think dat's all for now...

[Dalam hati]

miss spending time with him kt mamak @ Mc D..huhu
my cousin dh kawen, sy bile plak?huhu...