Monday, August 2, 2010

Days before convocation!!

3 days before convocation..not so sure whether everything is ready or not..maybe yes, maybe not.huhu..but 1 thing for sure..Si Dia is coming tomorrow..yup, to my house... sebenarnya nk g convo ni xde, my fiance terpaksa la berkorban, jd driver. dia yg akan bwk, me, my mom & dad ke KL..thanx dear..sorry coz trouble u a lot.. bertolak ke KL on 4th of august..convocation on 5th.. sedar x sedar dh abis blaja 6 thn and will be graduating soon..All ends well or should I say All is well..:) tercapai cita-cita nk grad ngn LC..hope it makes my parents proud of me.. thnax to my dear fiance who always support me and give me strength.. congrats sayang..we made it..till the end..happy graduating..

[Dalam Hati]

can't wait to see u tomorrow..miss u so much!!mmuaaxx